studio window display inside studio

ReOrsa was established in 2007 as an artist-led initiative to support and promote the work of non-commercial visual artists living in the Thames Valley, England (Berkshire, south Buckinghamshire, south Oxfordshire, north Hampshire, northwest Surrey). Non-commercial artists are defined as those who produce work for its creative, cultural, intellectual or philosophical value, as much as, and sometimes in preference to, its commodity value.

In May 2011 ReOrsa was incorporated as a not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee, with the following objectives:

The founding members of ReOrsa (Jenny Parkes, Janet Curley Cannon and Tonia Maddison shown to the left) invited more than 70 artists from across the Thames Valley over 7 years to participate in their projects or exhibit in the gallery. The projects involved creating new work such as site-specific installations or interventions for vacant shops or public areas, or contributing recent work for curated group exhibitions.